Happy Campers

Summer lives on with the three 'Happy Campers'- S'more, Firefly, and Pudgie Pie. They are pint-size spirits.  Well, at least their 'leader' is...

First there's S'more, the little white fox.  She is the tiniest of the siblings and can turn on the waterworks when needed. She likes to run around with a friend, but if her toe gets stepped on or a hair is displaced she cries out in injustice! Just wails.  When you go to administer 'first aid' (hugs and kisses) she suddenly heals and is back to the races.  She is a cutie pie with one ear up and one ear down most of the time. When both ears are up, she becomes the little white fox.

The big boy, Firefly -Secret Service name 'Blue eye White dragon'.  This guy is stunning, one blue eye, one green.  With his mysterious gaze and shaggy yet perfectly mussed hair, he could be a model.  Not the cutsie, 'put me on a puppy chow bag' model but rather the 'walking the runway in Milan on Fashion Week' look. Then there's the waggy tail, wears his heart on his sleeve love, and the need for hugs and scratches from mom.  When their favorite game was 'run from mom' he always snuck back for a hug and cuddle!  The girls would look at him with confusion and he would just look back like 'what? It's nice to get picked up and cuddled!'  Toys get gathered and collected in his foster brother's food dish, he prefers to chew his chewies while they're in the dish. He's a good boy.

Then there's Pudgie Pie - the leader of the pack.  If there's an injustice, like bedtime, she will let you know.  She is the bossy 'big sister' who decides who gets to play with what toy, and when.  But then one of her bigger Foster brothers comes in and takes it from her and she's back to being a little puppy.  She is an energetic pup who likes to run alongside the big dog while he plays fetch.  She is good at 'sit' and is beginning to understand why Firefly likes to get picked up, hugs and kisses are nice to get sometimes.  
These puppies are ready for their Forever Family!  They are silly, lovable pups who will turn heads wherever you take them. 


Snowflake in summer

Snowflake is the remaining puppy from Sierra's litter of six, the 'six-pack'.  She is the fairest of them all (white/cream) and has the shortest coat, nary a whisp or tuft of scruff to be found on her.  She is smooth and velvety soft.  She shares their common curly tail and sweet nature.
When the puppies arrived she was one of the smallest and quietest.  In fact, she was the one the rest chased, picked on, chewed on, tugged, and tackled when playing.  And she happily went back for more, because they were her siblings and loved her, right?  ;)  (I was the youngest, I get it)   Well, she has grown into a loving, trusting, silly young pup.
She was recently invited to her first birthday party, a 10 yr old friend had a humane society collection for his birthday and wanted Snowflake to be the guest of honor, she had a blast.  She was gentle and playful with the kids and soaked up all the love and belly scratches bestowed upon her.
She does the same at home.  
When she wants to play, she finds big Rusty and paws at him or finds the cat for a good romp and chase.  She loves rope toys and squeaky friends.  When she needs to chew, she loves hooves.  
Housebreaking is going well, still a few accidents, but some of that is on us.  I recently had a knee replacement and she has been a wonderful recovery companion; she has slept with me on the couch and that has been when most of the accidents happen, overnight she gets up.  In her crate, she was doing even better, dry all night.  
I feel I cannot sing her praises enough by simply writing.  She has an incredible personality, gets along with everyone, is loving and affectionate, and is a curious playful puppy.  She is still a bit clumsy but takes it all it stride, if she slips off the chair or misses her target when jumping, she just shakes it off and tries again. 
If you are looking at Fluffy Dogs, you've made the right choice.  Just be generous with your definition of 'fluffy'.  This little girl is one of the best fosters we've had and we will be as crushed as we are happy for her when she leaves us for her fur-ever home.  


Puppies in the snow!

Now that the temperature is in double digits I thought it was time to take the puppies outside.  They loved it!!  And the tiniest one, Spade, has been the only one brave enough to tackle the steps.  Go Spade!  

Darla photobombing!!


Puppies everywhere

The puppies have come to life!  Boy have they changed in two weeks.  They are active and full of spunk.  Siblings to the core; grumbling and wrestling and chasing one minute then snuggly and cuddled together the next.  The kitchen has become a racetrack with Spanky usually leading the group.  Little Snowflake and Spade are often the first to break off into their own little party.  
They like to tug on a toy together or bat the ball with their paw then chase it.  
Climbing on the big dog is a favorite group  activity, hiding from the Jack Russell is Snowflakes favorite game.  
Spanky is the biggest boy at 6# and he's the most agile and coordinated.  Spade and Snowflake at 4.0 and 4.2 pounds don't let the others take advantage of their size, they make up for it in persistance and determination!
Noel is still pretty laid back and will join in the fun at a safe and appropriate level.  
Twinkle and Darla are the quintessential sisters, squabbling then best friends, and on and on.  They are still the softest too!
This six-pack is the best entertainment anyone could ask for!


Meet the Puppies!

The puppies have been with us almost a week; when they go to their forever families (and my oldest goes back to college) our house is going to seem too quiet and empty!  The last 6 days have been a whirlwind of cuddles and puppy kisses and newspapers and laundry.  And it's been awesome.  I have 3 teenage boys and these boys are reduced to giggles and baby talk when they see them.  
Our 'favorites' change almost every day.  

The Boys.  They are both sensitive and clamor for attention.  
Spanky - the big boy.  He's stocky with a little more wirey coat than the others. His face melts your heart.  He's a bit of an 'Eddie Haskell', he instigates and picks on but when you get to the pen, he's the one sitting innocently just looking at you like 'what? I'm just sitting here'.  He's also the one who will be awake when the others are sleeping and want one on one time.

Spade - the little boy.  He is tiny and squirmy and loves to pounce on his siblings.  He likes to explore when given freedom and will only want a quick hug so he can move on to find something else to do.  

The Girls. They are soft and sweet, most of the time.  Sisters to the core!

Darla - honestly, I didn't think she could be softer.  She is spunky but not rough, loves to be held and is starting to explore when given a little freedom.  

Twinkle - not going to lie, she's the bossy 'big sister'.  She is sassy and wants the attention on her.  She has been caught pulling tails, blindsiding siblings with pounces and rollovers, and climbing over others to be the one picked up first.  She is soft and fluffy with pretty markings on her face.  

Noel - (she's my favorite, shhhhh). She has beautiful markings and a tiny cute face.  Her coat is shorter but is still soft.  She is a little more shy than the others but not skittish or a wallflower.  She is usually the one getting her tail pulled by Twinkle.  I could hold her all day.  She doesn't mind being on the bottom of the puppy pile when sleeping, she'll adjust to get comfortable while not disrupting the others. Very sweet girl!

Snowflake - the baby.  She is the one who stands out the most because she is a lot lighter and tiny.  Her coat is shorter and a little flatter than the others.  We love to let her out and watch her go.  She can dish it but she can't take it!!  She will act all crazy and instigate rumbles but the minute someone starts something with her she retreats.  She keeps our Jack Russell on his toes.  She can make him jump back when she tries to act 'fierce'.  She's a crowd favorite when we have visitors.  She likes to play tug with a toy with a brother or sister.  My 6'5" boy likes her a lot and it's a riot to see this little girl in his big arms.  

We can't wait to see how they change over the next couple of weeks.  It's been fun having them, and I have loved seeing my three boys gather around the pen together talking to them, comparing their personalities and sharing their antics. In a house with four men (and me) two dogs and a cat, they will be ready for any kind of family.  
They are paper trained and have been good about keeping their sleeping mat clean.  
They are perfect.  I do not know how anyone could choose one over another.  

Spagh-Eddie update!

What is there to say other than we still think he is one of the BEST foster puppies we've ever had!  I realize I haven't updated his blog, I think some of it's me subconsciously thinking he's part of our family!  If I tell everyone how awesome he is, someone else will want him and he won't be here anymore.  See my dilemma?  
But truth be told, he is awesome.  He is sweet, playful, cuddly, soft and a clumsy string bean.  I'm not going to lie, house breaking this guy hasn't been a walk in the park, but we're making progress and he gets better every week.  The look he gives you when he wants some love makes you forget a puddle here and there.  He is trying and we see him grow up more each week.  
The last few weeks he's gotten the courage to "instigate play" with (i.e. harass?) the Jack Russell he lives with, that's a huge step for him!  He used to play alongside the other dogs being shy and passive. No longer; he wants to make his own fun now!
And then he's ready to chill.


Hilton is on the trail...of everything!

The hound side of her is starting to show, along with those long floppy ears, her nose is tracking everything.  She is a spunky puppy who loves to get the others to play!  Her favorite game is chasing Eddie, then rolling in the bushes or leaves trying to wrestle him.  Inside, when Eddie is ready for some lap time she is happy to jump up next to him trying to convince him otherwise!  Her short thick legs have become stronger and faster, and she is pretty agile when chasing around the deck (and under it!).
We love watching her ears flap up and down when she runs!  Her coat is short and thick but very soft.  She still loves to give kisses, but wants to get back to playing asap!  
Hilton is also catching on to 'potty outside' and will sometimes run toward the door whining a bit when she needs to go. She's not perfect yet, but still young, and is getting better each day!  She is a fun little girl and we are excited for her to find her forever home.